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Welcome to our webpage.  

We believe that the best Age Management is a conscious awareness of your mind-body connection.

We hope that you are ready to take the first step in a journey toward a higher state of health as measured by a body and mind with a much younger biological age than your chronological age. 

Health is not a right to be granted by or legislated by some governmental entity.  Rather, health is an optimal state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness that derives from a conscious commitment to excellence in our life style choices. 

The conventional paradigm of drugs and surgery no more represents the optimal path to health and healing than a steering wheel represents a car or a kettle drum represents a symphony orchestra.

Yet, many in our society expect to live in optimal health for 60 plus years with no awareness of what or how much they eat. Or of the importance of supplements, exercise, meditation, sleep or relationships.
If you have made up your mind to embark on this journey, congratulations!  We are honored you have chosen us and, in a sense, hired us to be your health coach, mentor and guide. 

If, however, you are still wavering, let me suggest a few final things to consider. You will find them in the article on silent inflammation

Ben Thurman, MD.

Benjamin H. Thurman, MD.

Optimal health through nutrition, hormones, detoxification and energetic balancing.