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Would you explain the scientific rational for removing heavy metals from the body and your particular process for heavy metal detoxification?  
Heavy metals block important receptor sites in the cells.  They can also mimic the correct receiver in the cell.  For a more scientific explanation go to the full article click the symbol 
What is your practice philosophy?  How did you go from traditional medicine to a practice that integrates bio-energetic testing and alternative treatment modalities?    Click the symbol for my story.
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Why hormones and why bio-identical hormones?
When you maintain youthful sex hormone levels, you stop the symptoms of menopause or andropause and slow aging.  To read more, click the symbol 
Why is detoxification is so important?
Toxicity is one of things that excellerates aging!.  It increases free radical stress and degradation of cellular repair which leads to inflammation and cancer.  To read more, click here 
Why are heavy metals toxic and how are we exposed to them?
Chelation therapy is performed to remove healvy metal toxins from the body. 
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